Gain Work Experience

It is recommended that you complete your sophomore year before applying for any internships. Working at an internship with more knowledge will allow you to do your job to the best of your ability.

Civil Rights & Criminal Defense Attorney Internship with J. Antonio Florence

Criminal Defense & Civil Rights

This intense internship is meant for students looking for a rigorous, demanding opportunity to work with one of Louisiana's most prestigious criminal defense lawyers. Interns work directly on violent crimes, civil rights, and immigration cases. As an intern, you will assist in trials, be assigned law readings, complete case briefs, and come up with defenses. Interns are mainly taught via the Socratic method to simulate a real law school experience. It is recommended that you complete your sophomore year of high school before applying.

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Mayor Adrian Perkins High School Internship

This internship is for students interested in learning about city projects and municipal projects. Click here for more information about applications.

Internship with Congressional Representative Alexandria Ocasio Cortez

This internship is best suited for students interested in public policy and learning about the federal government. Click here for more information about applying.

Intern with the AmeriCorps Program to help solve Caddo's food desert problem

ShreveCorps is an AmeriCorps National Service program that focuses on growing food for families in our community that are struggling with food insecurity. Our main focus this summer will be on caring for our 20 community gardens: planting them, maintaining them, expanding them when we can, harvesting the food, and packing it up for distribution to families in need.

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Internship with Shreveport City Councilwoman LeVette Fuller

LeVette Fuller represents District B in the Shreveport City Council. She is also a founding member of Re:Form Shreveport, an organization dedicated to bringing citizens together to share ideas and find implementable solutions to improve Shreveport’s built environment. You must be 17 or older to apply.

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Internship with Shreveport Public Defender's Office

Shreveport Public Defender's Office works to defend the constitutional right of representation in the courtroom. They also work to reform the criminal justice system and guarantee everyone has access to equal representation under the law. There are three times for the internship Spring, Summer, and Fall. Interns are assigned a supervising attorney and work on various assignments.

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Internship with Caddo District Attorney's Office

Prosecute crimes with DA James Stewart and leading ADA's at the Caddo District Attorney's Office! Through this job, you will gain a large amount of courtroom and trial experience.

Click here to view more about the DA's internship.