Law Review

The Law Review Article Competition

The Pre-Law Society's objective is to not only give our members exposure to various opportunities, but to also encourage our members to learn about public policy. Our Law Review Program is a place where students can exercise their writing and analytical skills. All students are encouraged to write an article on any public policy (federal, state, or local) they are interested in.

Pick any law or bill you are interested in (whether or not it is recent) and write an article about it analyzing its policy provisions, impact on society, economic impact, and your personal opinion on it. You can make your article as detailed or as simple as you like!

We will be releasing more guidelines on the Law Review articles and how to win the article awards very soon!


The Pre-Law Society Amicus Curiae Law Review Article Awards

Every student who writes an article is not required to enter their article into the competition. The first and second place awardees will be given a certificate and a plaque to mount on their wall. Winners will also be announced on our website, Instagram, remind, and the school morning announcements.

The first-place winner will have the option to receive training for the J. Antonio Florence Internship.